Cinnamon basil pancakes

15 minutes
Cinnamon basil pancakes


Makes four pancakes:
50g oatmeal
50g all-purpose flour
1 egg
250ml milk
1 tsp baking powder
10 cinnamon basil leaves
Toast the oatmeal for five minutes, then mince them with a food processor.
Beat the egg with the milk and the baking powder, then add the oatmeal flour, the all-purpose flour and the basil leaves cut into stripes.
Heat a pancakes pan and pour one quarter of the oatmeal mixture in the pan. Spread it out.
Garnish the pancake with a basil leaf before turning it.
Cook the other side for one minute and repeat for the other three pancakes.
Serve with chestnut honey, maple syrup or jam of your choice.

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