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Mousse and fruit recipes
Mousse and fruit recipes
Mousse and fruit recipes
15 minutes
Fruit mousse
Mousse and fruit recipes
30 minutes
Baked Fruit

Mousse and fruit recipes - All recipes

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Amaretti Trifles (Recipe)
Crush amaretti coarsely and arrange them in four flat bottom small cups. Pour the milk on the cookies and let it stand for a couple of...

Baked Fruit (Recipe)

Chocolate cups (Recipe)

Chocolate Leaves (Recipe)
Draw six circles 10 cm in diameter on a baking paper sheet. Melt chocolate using a bain-marie, and pour it into the drawed circles, using...

Cinnamon basil pancakes (Recipe)
Toast the oatmeal for five minutes, then mince them with a food processor. Beat the egg with the milk and the baking powder, then add the...

Cocoa mousse (Recipe)
In a capacious pot, combine the cocoa, sugar and starch. Gradually pour milk while whisking. Heat until it boils, stirring...

Coconut crepes with mango (Recipe - Indonesia)

Crepe Meringue pie (Recipe)

Crepe Royale (Recipe)

Custard Cream (Recipe)
In a capacious pot, combine the eggs, sugar and starch and blend well. Gradually pour milk while whisking. Heat and whisk until it boils.

Eggless pumpkin pancakes (Recipe)
Mash the pumpkin with a fork and incorporate the chickpeas flour and the baking powder. Season with the spices. Heat a frying pan and pour...

Figs Cups (Recipe)
Cut the ricotta into into 1/2 cm slices and arrange them in four flat bottom small cups. Grind the cloves and sprinkle over ricotta...

Fried bananas with coconut (Recipe - Thailand)
Sift flour and baking powder into a plate and gradually stir coconut cream into flour. Stir the mixture until it has a smooth consistency....

Fried Cream with Strawberry sauce (Recipe - Spain)

Fruit mousse (Recipe)

Mediterranean Sweet Creme (Recipe)

Panettone with chocolate (Recipe)

Papaya salad (Recipe)

Peach Melba ice cream (Recipe - France)
Puree the soft fruits with some spoonful of hot water using a blender. Add icing sugar, lemon juice, maraschino and vanilla extract. Put...

Poached Pandoro and vanilla ice cream (Recipe)

Rhubarb Crumble (Recipe)
Cut rhubarb into 1 cm pieces. Put rhubarb and honey into individual ramekins. Mix oats, chopped almonds and walnuts and melted butter....

Rhum bananas (Recipe - Polynesia)

Spiced yogurth (Shrikhand) (Recipe - India)

Strawberries cup with ginger (Recipe)

Strawberry Crepes (Recipe)

Stuffed apricots (Recipe - Turkey)
Soak the apricots in a glass of water overnight. Drain them, and eliminate all the water by gently squeezing them. Heat the water with...

Winter fruit fantasy (Recipe)