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Quiches, timbales
Quiches, timbales
Quiches, timbales
20 minutes
Crazy dough
Quiches, timbales

Quiches, timbales - All recipes

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Artichokes Quiche (Recipe)

Asparagus Quiche (Recipe)

Aubergine and potato Gateau (Recipe - Italy: Sicily)
Cut the aubergines lengthways in long slices about 1/2 cm thick. Put the slices in a bowl with salted water, cover and press under...

Broccoli mini pies (Recipe)

Cajun Quiche (Recipe)

Caramelized onions quiche with cocoa (Recipe)

Carrot Quiche (Recipe)

Chard Savory pie (Recipe)

Cheese and pear pie (Recipe)

Cheese and potato pie (Recipe)
Peel the potatoes and cut them into 1cm slices. Brush a small baking pan with melted butter. Layer from the bottom: half of the potato...

Crazy dough (Recipe)

Crispy Bacon pies (Recipe)

Gorgonzola Savory pie (Recipe)

Ham and Corn Quiche (Recipe - France)

Ham mini quiches (Recipe)

Leek Savory pie with Ginger (Recipe)
A savory pie with the sweetness of the leeks and the ginger, easy to prepare and highly effective in a recipe with step-by-step photos.

Lentils Quiche (Recipe)

Meat, chickpeas and Zucchini Savory pie (Recipe)

Mushroom Quiche with Mint (Recipe)
Clean the mushrooms, slice them and fry in olive oil with minced garlic. Beat the eggs with parmesan, then add the yogurt and the chopped...

Onion Strudel (Recipe)

Pear and bacon quiches (Recipe)

Potato Gateau (Recipe)

Pumpkin and ricotta savory pie (Recipe)

Pumpkin in Puff Pastry (Recipe)
Step-by-step recipe.

Quiche Lorraine (Recipe - France)

Rocket and Zucchini Braid (Recipe)
Step-by-step recipe.

Rustic pie (Recipe - Canada)

Salted Apple Strudel (Recipe)

Sausage and Nettle Quiche (Recipe)
Fry the nettle leaves in a large pan with a little oil several minutes, until tender but not mushy. Roll the puff pastry, and transfer to...

Savory cheesecake with rocket (Recipe)

Spinach and Ricotta Strudel (Recipe)
Step-by-step recipe.

Spinach omelette with Beer (Recipe)

Stuffed Tomato pie (Recipe)

Swiss cheese savory tart (Recipe - Switzerland)
Cut the onions into thin slices and cook in butter until tender. Sprinkle with a spoonful of flour and remove from heat. Beat the eggs...

Tomato savory tart (Recipe)
Put the puff pastry in a buttered bakink pan. Spread the anchovy paste on it. Beat the eggs with salt, oregano, onion cut into thin slices...

Torta Pasqualina (Spinach in Puff Pastry) (Recipe)

Tortillas pie (Recipe)
Cut the onion and the bell pepper into thin slices, mince the chili, then stir-fry in a pan until tender. Put a tortilla on a buttered...

Turkey and Gorgonzola pie (Recipe)

Zucchini Quiche (Recipe)