Chocolate Leaves

30 minutes
Very cheap
Chocolate Leaves


Serves two:
100g dark chocolate
200g ricotta cheese
20g sugar
1 tsp honey
1 pinch of minced ginger
1 pinch of cinnamon, ground
1 tbsp cognac
Draw six circles 10 cm in diameter on a baking paper sheet.
Melt chocolate using a bain-marieHeat something gently, in a smaller pot inside a larger one half-filled with hot water., and pour it into the drawed circles, using a spoon.
Set aside some spoonful of chocolate.
Put the chocolate leaves in the refrigerator 10 minutes.
Meanwhile divide the ricotta into two parts.
Mix one with the remaining melted chocolate, and mix the other with sugar, honey, ginger, cinnamon and cognac.
Put two chocolate leaves on a serving plate. Spoon the chocolate ricotta on the leaves, and cover with two chocolate leaves.
In the same way, create a new layer with the spiced ricotta, and cover with the last chocolate leaves.

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