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Arepas (Recipe - Venezuela)
Mix flour, grated cheese and baking powder in a bowl. Add water and kneed the mixture with your hands until it is thoroughly blended into...

Biriani (Stew) (Recipe - Kenya)

Stuffed Tomato pie (Recipe)

Mediterranean Sweet Creme (Recipe)

Polenta Crepes (Recipe)

Red lentils fritters with coconut chutney (Recipe - India)
Step-by-step recipe.

Crisp gratin (Recipe)

Hushpuppies (Creole fritters) (Recipe - Cajun)

Jalapeno bread (Recipe)
Mix the yeast with the sugar and some milk. Mix together the flours, then add the yeast mixture. Add the beaten egg, water, the remaining...

Corn bread (Recipe - Mexico)
Mix all ingredients in a bowl with a whisk. Put on a oiled baking tray (diameter 30 cm) and bake in preheated 200° C (392 F) oven 25...

Tostadas with Chicken (Recipe - Mexico)

Mexican Hot Dog (Recipe - Mexico)