Indian style Vol-au-vent

25 minutes
Indian style Vol-au-vent


Makes 12 vol-au-vent:
400g chicken breast, diced
1 onion
1 clove garlic
1 tsp ginger, minced
3 tbsp raisins
3 tbsp flour
2 tsp curry powder
1 cup beef stock
2 tbsp coconut powder
200ml milk
12 vol-au-vent
Slice the onion finely and chop the garlic. In a large saucepan, fry the onion for 5 minutes with the garlic, ginger and two tablespoons of oil. Add the chicken and raisins and sauté a couple of minutes.
Sprinkle with the flour, mix well then pour the broth, curry powder and coconut flour. Let it thickens, then pour the milk and cook over low heat for five minutes, stirring frequently.
Stuff the vol-au-vent, and bake 5-10 minutes. Serve hot.

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