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Mint biriani with walnuts (Recipe - India)
Step-by-step recipe.

Bobotie (Recipe - South Africa)

Pumpkin Soup with Aromatic gnocchi (Recipe)

Cauliflower curry (Recipe - India)

Chicken curry with papaya (Recipe - Polynesia)

Turkey curry with orange (Recipe)

Lentils Dal with Cotechino (Recipe)

Curry omelette (Recipe)
Slice the onions finely. Fry onions, minced garlic aand ginger in a frying pan with 2 tbsp. oil. Cook 15 minutes, then add the crushed...

Almonds rice salad (Recipe)
Cook the rice in boiling water. Skin the almonds. Set aside a few for the decorations, and grind the others. Drain the rice, then add...

Pork with Spinach Curry (Recipe - India)
An indian spiced recipe, the Pork with Spinach Curry in this step-by-step recipe with pictures.

Mulligatawny (Recipe - India)
Step-by-step recipe.

Fried naan with curry (Recipe - India)
Dissolve the yeast in the lukewarm water. Mix the dry ingredients, then add the oil and the yeast mixture. Knead well and let rise for an...

Bread rolls (Recipe)

Farmer's baked pasta (Recipe)
Chop the onion finely. Fry in a pan with olive oil until transparent. Add the julienne-cut carrots, the peas, and cook 10...

Fried Plantain (Recipe)
Peel the plantains and cut into slices 1 cm thick. Dust with flour. Heat some oil in a pan and add mustard seeds. When they crackle add...

Curry Chicken (Recipe)

Lemon Chicken (Recipe)
Mince the onion and fry with the butter in a large pan. Add the diced chicken brest and the curry powder. Cut the lemon in half, set aside...

Beans fritters (Keftedes) (Recipe)

Coconut rice (Recipe - Indonesia)
Cook rice normally and drain it well. On a pan, mix coconut cream, peanut butter, honey and spices. Cook for a few minutes on low...

Turkey canapes (Recipe)

Rice timbales with curry sauce (Recipe)
Cook rice in boiling salted water, drain well and set aside. Stir-fry the mushrooms with the minced garlic and two tablespoons of olive...

Egg with Curry sauce (Recipe - India)

Vegetables with coconut sauce (Recipe - Pakistan)

Indian style Vol-au-vent (Recipe)
Slice the onion finely and chop the garlic. In a large saucepan, fry the onion for 5 minutes with the garlic, ginger and two tablespoons of...