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Fried Carrots with Garum (Recipe - Ancient Rome)

Brussels Sprouts with Wine and Honey (Recipe)

Pumpkin Chili (Recipe)

Rabbit Cacciatore (Recipe)

Hot beans casserole (Recipe)
Cut the onion into thin slices. Put in a frying pan with peanut oil and cook until tender. Add the sweet pepper cut into strips, minced...

Guinea fowl stuffed with mushrooms (Recipe)

Stuffed mushroooms (Recipe)

Lasagna alla Bolognese (Recipe - Italy: Emilia Romagna)

Chicken Picana (Recipe - Bolivia)

Potato Puree with caramelized onions (Recipe)

Meat Ragout (Recipe)

Mushrooms and Carrots Risotto (Recipe)

Risotto alla Milanese (Recipe - Italy: Lombardy)

Risotto with beans and sausages (Recipe)

Farmer's Risotto (Recipe)

Chard Savory pie (Recipe)

Spumante rice
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