Smoerrebroed (Danish open sandwiches)

1 hour
Smoerrebroed (Danish open sandwiches)


From top-left:
1. Hungarian salami
2. Danish Blue Cheese
3. Plaice and scrambled eggs
4. Two colors
5. Chicken liver paste
6. Tilsit cheese
The famous smoerrebroed (or smørrebrød) from Denmark, many open sandwiches recipes, each described with step-by-step pictures.
Hungarian salami 4 rye bread slices 12 hungarian salami slices 4 large tomato slices 50g danish butter 1/4 apple 1/4 onion 1/2 tsp. thyme salt, pepper
Finely chop the onion and apple. Mix with danish butter and thyme, salt and pepper. Spread the butter mixture evenly over 4 rye bread slices. Put 3 salami slices and one tomato slice on each sandwich.
Danish Blue Cheese 1 hard boiled egg 4 white bread slices 2 radishes 200g Danish Blue Cheese 4 onion rings
Spread the bread with the Danish Blue Cheese. Put an onion ring and a slice of egg on every bread slice. Garnish with radish slices in the four corners.
Plaice and scrambled eggs 4 rye bread slices 100g plaice fillet whole wheat flour 2 tomatoes 1 egg danish butter
Dust fish in flour. Fry in butter until golden brown. Beat the egg with a tbsp. of butter and two tbsp. of water. Drop in a frying pan and cook it, stirring. Put the fish fillets on buttered bread. Garnish with tomato slices and scrambled eggs.
Two colors 4 white bread slices 1 hard boiled eggs 1 tomato mayonnaise parsley to garnish
Spread the bread with the mayonnaise. Put tomato slices and egg slices on the bread. Garnish with a spoonful of mayonnaise and parsley.
Chicken liver paste 4 rye bread slices 1/2 onion 200g chicken liver 1 tbsp. brandy parsley white pepper butter
Grind the onion. Fry with butter until transparent. Add the liver, cover with water and cook 15-20 minutes. Mince using a grinder, add brandy and white pepper. Spread the bread with the chicken liver paste. Garnish with tomato slices.
Tilsit cheese 4 white bread slices 300g Tilsit cut into slices 2 radishes 100g Remoulade sauce
Spread the bread with the Remoulade sauce. Put Tilsit slices on the bread. Garnish with radish slices.
Serve with danish beer.

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