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Herrings with juniper berries (Recipe - Denmark)

Stuffed baby peppers (Recipe)

Mushroom Bruschetta (Recipe)

Clams Chowder (Recipe - Ireland)
Step-by-step recipe.

Herbal Cream cheese (Recipe)
Mince together the herbs and the clove garlic, using the mezzaluna or a blender. Mix with the cream cheese. Herbal Cream Cheese can be...

Dukkah (Recipe - Egypt)
Toast the almonds and pistachio nuts in a hot oven for 10-15 minutes. Toast the coriander seeds, cumin seeds, and sesame seeds in a pan...

Green beans casserole with Gorgonzola (Recipe)

Tuna fettuccine pasta (Recipe)
Chop the onion finely. Fry in a pan with olive oil until transparent. Bring a pot of salted water to a boil, add fettuccine and cook until...

Aromatic pasta with asparagus (Recipe)
Cut asparagus into 5mm slices. Melt the butter in a frying pan, add asparagus slices, cook over low heat 20 minutes, until...

Rice omelette (Recipe)
Cook the rice in boiling water. Meanwhile wash the mushrooms and cut into thin slices. Fry the minced garlic in a pan with 3 tbsp. olive...

Pumpkin omelette with Ricotta cheese (Recipe)

Stuffed fritters (Recipe)

Glamorgan sausages (Recipe - Great Britain)

Giant beans and mushrooms gratin (Recipe)

Green beans Casserole with mushroom Cream (Recipe - USA)

Hushpuppies (Creole fritters) (Recipe - Cajun)

Broccoli salad with Vinaigrette (Recipe)
Beat the oil with vinegar, then add the mustard. Add the minced parsley, tarragon and thyme, then minced shallot and radishes. Put the...

Jambalaya (Recipe - Cajun)
The Cajun Jambalaya in a step-by-step recipe.

Labneh (Recipe - Lebanon)
Mix yogurt with salt and place on a white kitchen towel. Bring the four corners together and tie them. Hang it in the refrigerator,...

Lasagna with swordfish (Recipe)

Pork tenderloin with honey and apple sauce (Recipe)

Beer Pork (Recipe - Belgium)
Step-by-step recipe.

Manakish Zaatar (Arab pizza) (Recipe - Arabia)
Stir together the flour, salt and olive oil. Dissolve the yeast in some warm water, add to the flour and knead it well. Gradually add...

Turkey mole (Recipe - Mexico)
Step-by-step recipe.

Pepper casserole with red rice (Recipe)
Mince the onions and carrot finely. Cut the sweet peppers into thin stripes. Cut all Pasilla Bajio peppers into slices, except one. Set...

Chicken Picana (Recipe - Bolivia)

Pizza with tuna and onions (Recipe)
Wash the capers repeatedly to remove the salt. Roll the dough out thin and put in a greased baking pan. Spread the tomato sauce on the...

Potato Puree with caramelized onions (Recipe)

Danish Chickpeas Puree with Pork (Recipe - Denmark)

Cajun Quiche (Recipe)

Ricotta Ravioli with Aromatic Herbs (Recipe)
Step-by-step recipe.

Pomegranate sauce (Recipe)

Smoerrebroed (Danish open sandwiches) (Recipe - Denmark)
The famous smoerrebroed (or smørrebrød) from Denmark, many open sandwiches recipes, each described with step-by-step pictures.

Cajun spices (Recipe - Cajun)
Grind the pepper. Mix all ingredients and store in a jar.

Tapenade tris (Recipe - France)
Mince the ingredients for each tapenade, until smooth. Put on serving plates and serve with croutons or toasted bread.

Chickpeas flour chips with thyme (Recipe)
Mix chickpeas flour with the water, breaking the lumps. Brush with oil a muffin baking pan and pour a spoonful of the dough in each...

Toasts (Recipe)

Tortellini pasta with Aromatic Herbs (Recipe)
Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil, add tortellini and cook until al dente. Meanwhile heat the ricotta cheese and milk in a pot,...

Turkey and Gorgonzola pie (Recipe)

Three cheese sauce (Recipe - Ancient Rome)
Herbs cheese Grind the pecorino cheese with aromatic herbs, baby onion and rocket leaves. Add the ricotta and mix well. Pinoles...

Soupe de Moules (Recipe - France)

Roasted vegetables soup (Recipe)