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Montebore cheese dumplings (Recipe)

Paella Parellada (Recipe - Spain)
Paella parellada or (of the rich man) is a different kind of paella with artichokes and fish. Step-by-step recipe.

Meatballs with rice (Recipe - Morocco)

Saffron potato puree (Recipe)
Boil the potatoes in salad water, until tender. Peel and mash them with a potato masher. Add butter, milk and saffron and mix well. Serve...

Mushrooms and Carrots Risotto (Recipe)

Risotto alla Milanese (Recipe - Italy: Lombardy)

Pakistani rice timbale (Recipe - Pakistan)

Rice timbales with saffron sauce (Recipe)

Rice timbale with porcini mushrooms (Recipe)

Spiced yogurth (Shrikhand) (Recipe - India)

Soupe de Moules (Recipe - France)