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Vegetable dishes

Fried vegetables

Aubergine Cutlets
Cauliflower croquettes
Cauliflower Patties
Celeriac cutlets
Corn patties with coconut sauce
Fried Sage with Batter
Fried sweet potatoes
Fried Sweet potatoes
Glamorgan sausages
Jackfruit Kebabs
Kale and blue cheese fritters
Latkes (Potato fritters)
Mushroom Cutlets
Mushrooms fritters
Onion fritters (Keftedes)
Pakistani pakora
Potato Croquettes with Speck ham
Potato Puffs
Pumpkin croquettes with chocolate
Pumpkin Spring Rolls
Red Cabbage Kofta
Red lentils fritters with coconut chutney
Samosas with potatoes
Singara (Vegetarian Indian Ravioli)
Spelt and lentil fritters
Spinach pakora
Spring Rolls
Stuffed zucchini flowers
Thai Spring Rolls
Vegetarian mini burgers
Zucchini fritters (Keftedes)

Potato Croquettes with Speck ham


Aubergine and potato Gateau
Broad beans Tortilla
Broccoli Savory pie
Brussels Sprouts Savory pie
Bulgarian Moussaka
Carrots with Sour Cream
Cauliflower Savory pie
Chard Savory pie
Escarole pizza
Greek calzone
Greek Moussaka
Mushroom pie with lemon leaves
Parmigiana (Aubergine pie)
Potato Gateau
Puff pastry ramekins
Pumpkin and ricotta savory pie
Pumpkin in Puff Pastry
Rocket and Zucchini Braid
Spinach pie
Spinach pie with sausages
Sweet potatoes and walnuts gateau
Sweet potatoes Savory pie
Three Colours Savory pie
Tomato savory tart
Torta Pasqualina (Spinach in Puff Pastry)
Tortas de papas
Wild Fennel pie

Garlic Soup


Asparagus Soup
Asparagus Soup (Velouté d’asperges)
Autumn Cream
Bamboo Sprouts Soup
Cauliflower curry
Cauliflower Soup with mushrooms
Chestnut and pumpkin soup
Clams Chowder
Farofa (Mandioc soup)
Garlic Soup
Green cabbage and walnuts soup
Green curry with potatoes
Indian Spiced potato Puree
Kale Soup with Turmeric
Kamut Soup
Lentils and bacon soup
Mushroom Soup with Green Peppercorns
Onion Cream
Onion Soup
Pav Bhaji
Potato Puree with caramelized onions
Potatoes Thai curry
Pumpkin Soup with Aromatic gnocchi
Radish Leaves Soup
Roasted vegetables soup
Saffron potato Puree
Savoy Cabbage Soup
Soup with Ginger and ham
Soupe de Moules
Stracciatella alla romana (Egg soup)
Thai Chicken Soup (Tom Ka Gai)
Vegetables with coconut sauce
Vegetarian Couscous
Vietnam Rolls
White Gaspacho
Winter Vegetarian Chili

Stuffed celery

Stuffed Vegetables

Aubergine rolls
Leek and sausage rolls
Stuffed aubergines
Stuffed baby peppers
Stuffed celery
Stuffed Cucumbers
Stuffed mushroooms
Stuffed peppers
Stuffed Tomatoes
Stuffed Tomatoes with Blue cheese
Stuffed Zucchini


Bagie (Vegetarian fritters)
Baked broad beans
Beans and chorizo with cumin
Beans fritters (Keftedes)
Beer beans
Binatok (Rice fritters)
Black beans and garlic sauce
Broad beans Soup with Bacon
Chickpeas fritters (Keftedes)
Chickpeas Raita (salad)
Chickpeas Soup
Coconut chickpeas
Danish Chickpeas Puree with Pork
Giant beans plaki
Hot beans casserole
Hummus (Chickpeas Puree)
Indian Kala Chana Snack
Kamut and Lentils Kebabs
Kidney beans Burgers
Lentil sauce
Lentils and orange salad
Lentils Dal with Cotechino
Lentils fritters
Lentils Quiche
Lentils Soup
Mung dal
Nachos with beans and cheese
Quesadillas with Corn and beans
Red Lentil Dal
Rice with clams and chickpeas
Risotto with beans and sausages
Soya sprouts salad
Spiced Chickpeas
Spiced Chickpeas Soup
Spiced gungo peas
Stir-fried string beans
Toor Dal with Coriander and Mint
Tortillas pie
Vegetarian Balls in Roti bread
Vegetarian Hot Dog
White beans salad
White Chicken Chili

Stir-fried vegetables and Omelettes

Artichokes omelette
Brussels Sprouts with Cranberries
Caramelized Onions
Carrot and Onion Rosti
Eggless omelette
Fried Carrots with Garum
Fried peppers
Fried Plantain
Fried tofu with spinach
Green chilies with sesame paste
Medrota (Cheese Aubergines)
Mushrooms with truffle sauce
Nettle and Cinnamon omelette
Nettle omelette with Ricotta cheese
Potato Tortilla
Potato Tortilla with Bell Pepper sauce
Pumpkin omelette with Ricotta cheese
Rustic omelette with Cress
Sauted Aubergines
Sauted vegetables
Stir-fried okra
Stir-fried pak choi
Stir-fried Tomatoes with mushrooms
Stir-fried Vegetables
Sweet and sour vegetables
Sweet potatoes omelette
Tartarian mushrooms
Vegetarian curry
Wild Fennel omelette
Yogurth Zucchini
Zucchini flowers omelette


Ancient Egypt appetizers
Baked broad beans
Braised fennel with leek
Brussels sprouts gratin with ginger
Brussels Sprouts with Wine and Honey
Caramelized sweet potatoes
Cauliflower Rosti
Crepes with mushrooms and Mornay sauce
Crisp gratin
Fennel gratin with Cranberries
Giant beans and mushrooms gratin
Giant cardoon gratin
Green beans casserole with Gorgonzola
Green beans Casserole with mushroom Cream
Green Cabbage gratin
Grilled vegetables with garlic sauce
Jalapeno snacks
Kohlrabi gratin
Mushrooms with Camembert cheese
Nachos with beans and cheese
Nachos with sausage and coriander
Oven-cooked potatoes with Speck ham
Polenta canapes
Potato gratin with bacon
Potato Rosti with Dill
Potatoes with botargo sauce
Pumpkin gratin
Pumpkin with Honey
Sprouts gratin
Sweet potatoes and walnuts gratin
Yams Croquettes

Zucchini Carpaccio


Algerian summer salad
Artichokes salad with Sage
Aubergine and tomato salad
Aubergine salad
Avocado salad with Tuna
Bresaola and Rocket Carpaccio
Broccoli salad with Vinaigrette
Burgul salad
Cauliflower salad
Chikpeas Focaccia with Corn salad
Cocktail salad
Couscous salad with Pomegranate and Pistachio
Croatian salad
Cucumber and mint salad
Cucumber salad with Chervil
Egg and salmon skewers
Fresh raw artichokes salad
Grapefruit and avocado salad
Greek salad
Green purslane salad
Hot Tuna salad
Indian salad
Mashed potato salad
Melon salad
Oranges and mushrooms salad
Papaya salad
Peach salad
Pineapple and cheese salad
Potato salad with Fruit
Potato salad with mustard
Radish and apple salad
Roasted Peppers salad
Rocket and cranberries salad
Salad with egg sauce
Seven Layers salad
Shopska (Bulgarian salad)
Sweet and Sour Small Onions
Sweet potato salad
Tuna and almonds rice salad
Walnuts and mozzarella cheese salad
Zucchini Carpaccio
Zucchini salad

Other vegetarian recipes

Beetroots and Gorgonzola starters
Fritters with Onion Cream
Ham Rolls with Bok Choi
New potatoes with Creme Fraiche
Potato balls
Pumpkin Crepes with Fondue
Speck ham rolls with Radicchio
Vapor cooked Vegetables with Fondue
Vegetarian Burger
Zakuski (Appetizers)
Zucchini Crepes with Almond sauce