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Cauliflower curry (Recipe - India)

Cauliflower Patties (Recipe)
Mince the cauliflower, onion, bell pepper, red beans and fresh coriander with a blender. Add the beaten egg, flour and cumin. Form some...

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Cauliflower salad (Recipe)

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Cauliflower pasta with Sicilian cheese (Recipe - Italy: Sicily)
Cut the cauliflower into bite-size pieces, then boil in salted water. Meanwhile, mince the onion and fry it in a large pan with olive oil....

Country Risotto with Beer (Recipe)

Cauliflower Rosti (Recipe)

Buckwheat Tempura (Recipe)
Cut the courgette and cauliflower into thin slices. Put the slices into buckwheat, then fry in seed oil until tender. Meanwhile cook the...

Cauliflower Savory pie (Recipe)

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