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Australian burger (Recipe - Australia)

Chicken burger (Recipe)

Tex-Mex burger (Recipe - USA)

Melon salad (Recipe)
Peel and deseed the melon, then cut into cubes. Add the baby lettuce and season with lemon juice, chopped chilli, oil and salt to taste.

Cocktail salad (Recipe)

Burgul salad (Recipe)

Couscous salad with Pomegranate and Pistachio (Recipe)
Prepare the vinaigrette with olive oil, lemon juice, minced mint, mustard, salt and black pepper. Cook the couscous normally, season with...

Seven Layers salad (Recipe - USA)

Cheese and chilies balls (Recipe)
Mince together chilies and aromatic herbs, then add the cheese and blend it until smooth. Using your hands and a spoon, shape into six...

Rolls with soppressata salami and Brie (Recipe)

Piadina (Recipe)

Chicken canapes with Mascarpone cheese (Recipe)

Cantonese rice (Recipe - China)

Stir-fried rice with salmon (Recipe - China)

Sandwiches (Recipe)

Egg and salmon skewers (Recipe)

Tostadas with Chicken (Recipe - Mexico)

Rocket and Zucchini Braid (Recipe)
Step-by-step recipe.