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Fried Calamaries with Purslane sauce (Recipe)
Mince the purslane coarsely, then add the yogurt, garlic, chili pepper and salt. Flour the calamaries and fry them in hot oil, until...

Gnocchetti with fresh mustard leaves (Recipe)

Salad with egg sauce (Recipe)
Chop the dandelion leaves and mince the baby onion. Fry the bacon in a pan with butter until cruspy. Cut into slices and mix with...

Green purslane salad (Recipe)
Wash the green purslane. Season with aromatic vinegar, olive oil, salt and fresh oregano flowers.

Taste party single course (Recipe)

Green tagliatelle pasta (Recipe)
Cook the spinach, drain them well and grind them. Mix flour with eggs and spinach, and make tagliatelle as indicated in fresh pasta...